Dear Dr ……

Thank you for your inquiry on our oral Implantology clinical course, the course is designed to be the ultimate practical training experience in the field of implant dentistry worldwide, it is composed of several clinical modules that satisfy your clinical experience and fulfill your planned future carrier upgrades.

The main feature of the course is the of practice implant dentistry on one –to-one basis training , this means one or two candidates per course, and the course does not exceed three days. You will be able to learn the optimal case design and execute the plan right away with the supervision of Dr Elaskary who has contributed with two text books in the field of dental Implantology. you will be trained on the case design and apply it on the same patient right away, you will be working on average 5-6 patients a day, or 8 -9 working hours , all the patients are screened against liver viruses and infectious diseases previously ,this training is held in a state of art educational facility, that is equipped with the up-to date devices and instruments from ultrasound bone cutting till micro-surgery instruments , the faculty is using an up to date sterilization methods and equipments.

Please find the attached course various clinical modules and pick any clinical module that suite your current clinical level and the level that you wish to practice, you are allowed to decide on technique per day (not less), this will make the maximum benefit for you from the course .Also please find the attached reference list of the course previous candidates that might help you in your decision to take the course.

Setting a date of the course will be made later on a personal communication basis between the course director and the course participant in a way that suits both schedules.

It is certainly quiet a pleasure hearing from you and we will look forward to meeting with you soon

Best regards