Problem solving and new horizons in modern dental implantology

A comprehensive course that touches the daily practice of every clinical performing dental implants service, a unique detailed clinical overview of related treatment complications with dental implant therapy that starts from the poor diagnosis to the regenerative bone graft complications, with emphasis on the potential risk factors that might escalate the failure rate. The identification of the potential tendency for complication to occur prior to implant placement is also as an implant factor prior to treatment, this in turn would eliminate the need for more complex treatments or re-treatments at a later date.

This course will focus on how to identify, avoid and treat potential treatment complications with dental implant therapy in a step by step protocol.


About Dr. Elaskary

Dr. Elaskary is currently a visiting lecturer at University of New Your, he has contributed to the field of implant dentistry with two text books. “reconstructive aesthetic implant surgery” as well as “fundamentals of aesthetic implant dentistry” published by Wily Blackwell.

Dr. Elaskary is the current president of the Arab society of oral implantology in Cairo and a founding board member of the Arabian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, an active member, fellow and the vice president of the international congress of oral implantologists (ICOI)


Course topics

  • decision making when complications occur
  • anatomical & surgical complications and risk factors
  • complications related to immediate implant placement
  • Biomechanical complications
  • Poor implant positions and treatment options
  • Soft tissue related errors
  • Treatment of implant related gingival recession
  • The candidate will be able to learn


The candidate will be able to learn

  • philosophy of treating implant related failures
  • how to predict any treatment complication prior to occurrence
  • how to avoid the possible treatment complications prior doing dental implant therapy
  • how to treat and avoid soft tissue related complications
  • how to deal with compromised patients in complex cases
  • how to maximize the treatment success with regenerative procedures