” I finally got your email address from Dr. Aldridge and hope this is correct. First of all let me thank you for all the time you spent with us taking away from your normal schedule. Secondly thank you for the great amount of knowledge you shared with us. All of this is appreciated beyond just a thank you. How is your staff doing? They were all great and presented good learning experiences. Hope you have a safe trip to Las Vegas although it is very long so take your meds. Look forward to seeing you there. Thanks again for a wonderful experience. “

Ed Hobbs

” Hi Dr Elaskary, I have just returned back safely to Singapore after the very intensive course at your clinic. Those cases that I have done just kept flashing back in my mind during my trip back and it is amazing how the 2 days of intensive surgical course like this have pushed my surgical skills to a much higher level. Thank you very much once again for the opportunity. Also, just a kind reminder if you can help me find out the cost of a used Sonic Weld machine that I can purchase please? I really would like to implement that in my practice as soon as I can. Last but not least, hope to see you again soon, do keep in touch! Best regards. “

SC Tan / tanshuhchern@gmail.com

” Dear dr Askari, Salam! Thank you very much for your help though I could not sit all the way in your presentation but everybody said it was great. I wished to have recorded lect so that I can watch. Please send an email to Craig and Judy, I will send you also some pict. Best regards. “

Jaffar Sadegh Pakroo / jspakroo@hotmail.com

اليوم أسعدني حظي حضور أول محاضرة للعالم المصري القدير الكتور عبد السلام العسكري. حقيقي أعترف أن طول عمري اللي فات في طب الأسنان لم أحضر محاضرة لمحاضر بهذه الروعة والإبهار! حقيقي أنا سعيدة، وفعلا الدكتور عبد السلام العسكري أحد الأسباب التي تجعلني أقول إرفع رأسك فوق إنت مصري. شكراااا لك يا دكتور وبارك الله  فيك، وفقك الله و زادك علما و أكثر من أمثالك 

Jaffar Sadegh Pakroo / jspakroo@hotmail.com