Presentation overview: Welcome to this unique event of 2021, the vestibular Socket Therapy is a novel surgical approach that is pioneered by Dr. Elaskary

Cairo, Egypt was selected to be the first global location for the launch of this innovative therapy, this educational opportunity will change the way that you manage defective or infected fresh extraction sites, it will enhance your clinical abilities and boost your patient satisfaction .

come and join us this weekend and whiteness the launch of this treatment approach for the first time in the world.

Presentation description

This presentation describes a novel clinical protocol to treat wide verities of fresh extraction sites (thin, or deficient labial plate of bone, severely compromised, actively infected) with immediate implant placement , the protocol is designed  to repair socket osseous environment and place an immediate implant at the same surgical setting thus providing immediacy and predictable outcome. The presentation will also feature a modification to Elian’s socket to identify the various socket conditions more accurately, and a 6 days protocol to eradicate preexisting active socket infection. The VST protocol offered shortened treatment time, reduced the number of surgical interventions to only one, preserve the original socket orifice topography during the steps of the treatment until the treatment completion, minimized post-operative tissue trauma, and allowed the complete socket rehabilitation if the active infected sockets with immediate implant placement and bone regeneration.